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Our goal is to optimize the in-store communication in the biggest Action

In Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, France, right under Paris, the world's biggest Action store ever, has opened its doors. With 1,600m², it is twice the size of a regular Action store and is a pilot for a new and more spacious concept. The assortment is with 6000 products not more extensive, but customers enjoy a more open store setup.


Action will deliver better net results due to an improved way of in-store communication. By using a digital narrowcasting network, the store will be able to communicate the right messages in the right places at the right time. By doing so, customers will be triggered, for example, to to buy more or to come back to the store. The Windowsketch content studio took the opportunity to create all content for Action. The Adsketch CMS will work as the tool to schedule and manage the content remotely on all screens.

Content creation

For Action we installed two screens in the window next to the entrance. These screens show the corona measures, weekly offers and advertisements like ‘1,500 items under €1’. This way we want to turn the number of passers-by who have not yet entered the store into customers. Brand awareness also plays a major role in these places. Once into the store there is a screen next to the entrance gates. People already have the intention of becoming a customer, therefore, any inspiration and activation can influence their buying behaviour here. Finally, there are two more screens at the exit, the purchase has already been made at this point, so these show the next week's offers to inspire customers to come back.

Go Green

Action wants to develop a greener image, so they pay more attention to sustainability. This is done in several innovative ways, such as electric charging points in the parking lot and recycle stations in the shop where customers can return old textiles, household electronics and other products. Windowsketch has also reflected this sustainable concept in the content. On the screen at the entrance general content about sustainability and sustainable products are shown. By using narrowcasting, campaign posters no longer need to be thrown away after one use, but can easily be renewed.

The Action, store of the future, will deliver better net results due to an improved way of in-store communication.

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