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Digital Hand Sanitizer

The innovative combination of Digital Signage and hygiene.

The social distancing society is a fact. Something we will now call the new normal. Now we must pay constant attention to our hygiene and try to maintain social distance. Retailers need to support their customers by providing a safe shopping experience.  Windowsketch believes in a unique and creative solution, a combination of Digital Signage and hygiene.

Sanitize & Advertise

The Digital Hand Sanitizer is an automatic gel dispenser for hand disinfection, including a screen for communication. The solution that not only provides extra marketing value on the shop floor but also informs and activates people in the field of hygiene and health. Our innovative knowledge and digital media ambitions really come together here. The Digital Hand Sanitizers are placed where it makes most sense: where people enter and leave the store, next to the shopping carts or where food is sold. For example at the food courts in the HEMA. Customers buy food here that is often consumed immediately. Customers will be encouraged to pay extra attention to hygiene at the most essential places during their shop visit.  

Always Up-to-date

The Digital Hand Sanitizer is a standing model that has a refined and modern design, therefore it fits every store. There is an extra-large-built-in 3.000 milliliter reservoir, which is easy to refill. The content on the hand sanitizer is shown on a 15.6” full HD 9:16 screen. Our Windowsketch content studio creates all the content for the screens and is easy to change and manage through our Adsketch software. The content is dynamic and can be used for different purposes, like informing customers about social distancing, the guidelines in the store or the offers of the week.

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