Who We Are

Want to use your unused space?
We are Windowsketch. We live and breathe retail. We help you better use your unutilized (retail) space. Our job is to help you do a better job. How? By defining the future of retail. 

Our mission: To inspire, help to transform and create a future proof retail landscape.
Traditionally we collaborate with retailers, but we also translate and unroll retail concepts for hospitality, hotel chains, real estate and office buildings. You can use us as sparring partners, concept developers and transformation experts. We can do it all because we use a lean start-up approach. 

We believe in the power of retail
Brick and mortar retailers are now more than ever, facing fierce online competition. On top of that it can be challenging to get a hold on customer attention. The goal for retailers is to attract more customers and if possible, raise sales per customer. At Windowsketch we are able to offer innovative and engaging digital- and data driven solutions to fit your retail model, reaching more people, create an inviting store area, giving you the competitive edge. 

Do you want to know how we define the future of retail, read more about it in our stories and cases or get directly in touch with our inspiration team: +31 (0)20 3708147

The Story of Windowsketch

What About that Name?

Founded by Floris Sanders in 2014, Windowsketch offers retailers innovative digital customer experience solutions. Recognizing the unrealized potential in retail, Floris set out to provide tools to effectuate these changes by creating a start-up focusing on transforming and digitizing retail. 

In these early years, Windowsketch began as a spin-off from Sanders Retail Group, whose primary focus was on retail, real estate and investment. The start-up quickly grew into a scale-up setting with impressive launching customers and in 2020 appointed media management expert Thomas Thiadens to take over daily management. 

Since establishing Windowsketch has experienced exponential growth yet we too have felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing a reinvention. Luckily that is something we are good at thanks to our innovative and entrepreneurial qualities. One of our most recent developments is our ability to offer everything you could possibly need to run an unmanned store in your hotel lobby, office space or apartment building without requiring staff to be physically present.

We sketch a retail world of inspiration for your customers. 

Do you know Sketch Restaurant in London? This is where Floris was blown away by the power of experience for the first time. Sketch excels at engaging all of your senses during your night out, frequently updating their interior, to give you a pleasant surprise with each new visit. 

This is why we are called Windowsketch, as a reference towards Sketch. We wanted to bring this innovative thinking into the world of retail, connecting multi-dimensional approaches into our work, aiming to excel in customer experience

Our Approach

We believe in a partnership where we are more than just a supplier. A partnership where we are in a transformation journey together. We want to understand your business challenges, so we can face the current and future challenges of retail together.



First we listen! We want to understand your challenges. We want to know what your problems are of today and of the future.



Then we talk! Partners first listen well to have a proper and profound discussion. A chat where we are not afraid to name the challenges and problems.



..and then we transform! We strongly believe you need to transform, stay flexible and willing to change in order to become and stay successful.


Finally we will execute!
This is the fun part. Once we really understand your challenges and agreed on a sustainable successful transformation we go out there and do our thing!

Meet the Team

Sure, we are young (minded), professional and dynamic. Would you expect anything else? But we have ulterior motives: we want to rock retail, we want to grow retail, we want to spark retail, we want to educate retail because we believe in the power of retail. 

We are in this retail business to give. We give joy, enthusiasm, possibilities, amazement and impact. Hop on board!

Founder & Owner

Floris Sanders

Managing Director

Thomas Thiadens

Account & Business Development Manager

Stijn van den Heuvel


Marvin Droogsma

Account & Business Development Manager

Jeroen Kluts

Project Manager

Christel van der Lugt

Motion Graphics Designer

Erik Schindeler

Sales Support

Emiele Meijer

Finance Manager

Marle Donkers

Projectlead & Category Buyer

Maartje van Velzen

HR Adviseur

Laura Henst

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about what we can do for you or just want to get to know us? Please, do not hesitate to call, send an e-mail or just drop by for a cup of coffee. You are more than welcome!

We are not just doing our job, we want to help you do a better job. We are defining the future of retail.