Our developed Content Management System (CMS)

Accurate content planning for a higher turnover

Windowsketch transforms technology-driven applications into commercial customer experiences. With Adsketch CMS you are in control. Different content for multiple networks and screens at different locations can all be managed centrally. It is very user-friendly; enabling and helping you to plan, add, replace, or remove an advertisement where and when you want. This will ensure the most views (Digital Opportunity To See) and thus turnover.

How do we use Adsketch?


Adsketch Player Software is the tool that displays the content to your screens. It works on multiple hardware platforms and can be managed in detail through the Adsketch Platform. Extensive status reports, combined with remote control, will ensure reliable support. Players can be assigned to groups, networks, and locations to help target specific audiences.


Based on your marketing goals we group content (images, video, audio) into manageable playlists. There is suitable content for every screen at all times. If your main goal is to share general info, the same playlist could continually run on all screens. If you have multiple goals or audiences, different playlists could run on different screens. The options are endless and you are always able to adjust the playlist at any time.

Media library

The Adsketch media library provides an overview of all your media. Just like the playlists, the media library is very manageable. You can easily add, delete, and search content. With just a click, you can ensure the right content is shown on the right screen due to our innovative ‘Tag-system’.


Adsketch offers many options for content scheduling. Plan when and on which screens your content will be shown. You can schedule on specific days, dates, and timeframes and even plan when content needs to be paused or switched for another one. A big bonus is how quickly and easily you can replace your content at all times, even with a mobile app on location. This is convenient with seasonable products for example.


Windowsketch can plan the content on the right screens at the right time. With the right content, you attract the attention of passers-by and entice them into the store. Once inside, there is more time to inform and influence the visitor, which will lead to higher conversion and more returning customers. It offers an extra promotion and advertising tool, making the brand experience even better in the store.

We offer a complete process in the field of Digital Signage. From hardware such as screens and players to content creation in our dedicated studio. All seamlessly orchestrated into a Signage Symphony through Adsketch. We go beyond by offering on-site installation assistance, extending our services to include designing furniture tailored to support screens, players, and cabling. Windowsketch stands as the ultimate one-stop shop for all your signage requirements.

Robust platform for versatile hardware support

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Supported hardware

Smart Signage

Together with our partner Samsung we offer professional, high-quality screens in different sizes. The in-store screens display any content in rich colors and (4k) ultra-high-definition. For the storefront windows, we provide screens with ultra-high brightness that emphasizes the content regardless of the lighting conditions. Customer engagement is guaranteed!


To play your content on the screens we work with media players from AOPEN. Every player has a compact design which ensures simple integration behind the screens. Depending on the player version it can control full HD or Ultra HD (4K), so your content will always be of high quality with realistic images that provide an immersive digital experience. Last but not least, the media players function 24/7 in the most challenging situations without the need for loud/unreliable fans.


The tablets we provide have been specially developed by ProDVX to ensure that your digital communication continues 24/7. The tablets have a long lifespan, high brightness, stable performance, and adapt to the content fast. The interaction can be increased using smart hardware extensions like a barcode scanner, NFC module, or motion sensor.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Say goodbye to paper shelf labels and hello to Electronic Shelf Labels from SES-imagotag, a digital solutions specialist for physical retail. Electronic Shelf Labels take the pain out of pricing and play a huge role in giving information to staff and customers. They are “micro web pages” that display essential omnichannel data. The sleek and modern appearance fits every environment and adds a modern touch to every store.

Our Partners

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