Transforming Retail

Windowsketch offers retailers innovative digital customer experience concepts and solutions. We envisage optimal retail spaces, maximize sales reach, and impact growth potential.  We want to inspire retail and help digitize, transform, and future-proof the retail landscape. We provide the right tools so that customer behavior can be influenced through innovative data-driven customer experience solutions.  We are passionate about creating an altogether better shopping experience, where customers are stimulated, engaged, and seen.

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Digital Signage

With digital signage you can inform, target, interact and engage more with local customers. Digital signage gives retail customers an enriched retail experience and provides the retailer with the option to quickly adapt and adjust. Windowsketch offers both the hardware and the software for an effective digital signage strategy.


Unmanned Shops

Together with OMISE, Windowsketch builds unmanned shops for high-traffic locations such as resorts, offices, and hotels. In the shops, all of Windowsketch's products come together: Digital Signage, ESLs, Content Creation, and the Self-Service Kiosk. OMISE then exploits these Shops for a seamless operation.


Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are digital price tag devices used in retail stores to easily display product information and pricing. It is the ideal tool for dynamic pricing, waste reduction, and increased customer engagement. ESLs give you an easy and fast way to change your prices, lower your operating costs, and much more.


Content Creation

Inform, engage, and sell more products to your customers with the right content. Our in-house creators have a wealth of experience in developing varying content. With our creative skills and digital signage experience we have the necessary tools to create the right look-and-feel across all narrow casting channels at your retail locations.


Self Service Kiosk

With Windowsketch's Self-Service Kiosk, you can save on operating costs, minimize long queues, and increase sales. The intuitive ordering process allows customers to easily add additional items to their order increasing the average transaction value. Our innovative Self-Service Kiosk is designed with the future and customer in mind.



Adsketch is our own developed Content Management System (CMS). With Adsketch you are in control. Different content for multiple networks and multiple screens at different locations can all be managed centrally through Adsketch. It is user-friendly, thus very easy to plan, add, replace or remove an advertisement whenever you want.


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We are not just doing our job, we want to help you do a better job. We are defining the future of retail.