Self Service Kiosk

With Windowsketch's innovative selfservice/ordering kiosk, you save on operating costs, increase your sales,minimize long queues and . Our order kiosk is the ideal solution to optimize your business operations.

Save on FTE's

With our advanced order kiosk, you can savesignificantly on FTEs, resulting in lower operating costs for your business.Instead of using additional employees to take and handle orders, your customerscan use the order kiosk independently. This results in a more efficient use ofyour current staff.

Increase sales through cross- and upsell opportunities

With our order kiosk, you can increase your sales by using smart upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Through the intuitive ordering process, customers can easily add additional items to their order,increasing the average transaction value. In addition, you can also recommend related products or offers during the ordering process.

Future Proof

Our future-proof ordering kiosk is designedwith the future in mind, responding to the changing needs of both businessesand customers. With our advanced system, you can cut costs, increase your salesand set your business up for a successful future in the world of ordering.

Fewer queues

Queues can be a source of frustration for customers and negatively impact their shopping experience. With our ordering kiosk, you can significantly reduce queues. Customers can place their order quickly and efficiently, without having to wait for an employee. This results in shorter waiting times, better customer satisfaction and a higher flow of customers. In short, our order kiosk helps you minimize queues and improve the overall shopping experience.

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