Transforming Retail

Windowsketch offers retailers innovative digital customer experience concepts and solutions. We envisage optimal retail spaces, maximize sales reach and impact growth potential.  We want to inspire retail and help digitize, transform and futureproof the retail landscape. We provide the right tools so that customer behavior can be influenced through innovative data driven customer experience solutions.  We are passionate about creating an altogether better shopping experience, where customers are stimulated, engaged and seen.
Windowsketch supplies the retail world with smart digital signage and match soft- and hardware. We provide tailormade content targeting your specific audience and finish it off with electronic shelf labeling.

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Digital Signage

With digital signage you can inform, target, interact and engage more with local customers. Digital signage communicates through tactically positioned smart screens on your retail sites. Content is uploaded and programmed remotely from one central location, making this form of communication highly attractive. Traditional static signs have limited options compared to digital signage. Smaller investment costs for high-quality LCD and plasma screens open up new possibilities to retail entrepreneurs with a clear cost-efficient strategy. Digital signage gives retail customers an enriched retail experience and provides the retailer with the option to quickly adapt and adjust.


Informing customers in a non-pushy way about products and you could even show additional ‘how to’ video’s or offer alternative uses of the product, increasing engagement. With an interactive screen you can collect data to use in your digital communication, allowing you to target specific customer groups more efficiently. With digital signage you are more flexible in adapting and changing content frequently, making it easier, faster and cheaper to reach your customers.

Point Of Sales

In your stores you have several points of sales (POS) for digital signage. The most effective of these points is probably your shop window. Here, passersby decide whether or not to enter your store. Once in the store you can position screens in a variety of locations to communicate relevant messages. You may even choose to have a screen at your store's exit, giving your customers a goodbye message or showing next week's sale products, which will inspire their return visit.

Window Broadcasting

Be your own ad agency. You sell your window space. Windowsketch offers a platform for digitized advertisement sales in the windows and in retail areas of shops. In this way, you can use your window as a platform to advertise and to earn advertisement income. We create specific, personalized and unique content for any moment and on any display. By showing unique content 24/7, the brand and product will get a boost

Online and Offline

We have seen a huge expansion towards online experiences and shoppers are now more than ever, familiar with the advantages of online shopping. We believe that online and offline are already integrating. This could be incorporated into the retail experience, where offline harnesses the power of online and vice versa. We inject the physical environment with online DNA and merge both worlds.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) play an increasingly important role in providing information to staff and customers. ESL improves in-store experience for both customers and staff by saving time and helping make decisions. It is the ideal tool for dynamic pricing, waste reduction and increased customer engagement. The implementation of ESL gives you an easy and fast way to change your prices, lower your operating costs and much more. Windowsketch offers accurate and modern digital price tags in your stores.


ESL is a smart and innovative step towards shop automation and has a lot of benefits for you as a retailer. Benefits include: A fixed monthly amount, minimized operational costs, improved shopper's experience and linkability. It is also useful for dynamic pricing, stock management, reducing waste and fast error elimination.

Time Efficient

Prices in retail change very often, it requires a lot of time to manually adjust all these changes. With digital price tags these changes can be implemented with one click. A time saving solution, that provides an improvement in quality and responsiveness.

Eco Friendly

Paper and plastic product labels are expensive, create more waste and cause environmental pollution. Everytime you make a price change or need to replace a worn-out label, you need to print a new label and throw away the old one. Electronic Shelf Labels last longer, the prices are always up-to-date and nothing has to be thrown away.


The labels we use vary in size, with displays in different colors. The labels work in a large temperature range (from 10°C to 40°C). There are also special labels for frozen temperatures (from -25°C to 30°C). The full range of our labels are NFC-equipped and all have 100% graphic E Ink display.


With the right content, at the right place, at the right time you can inform, engage and sell more products to your customers. We have in-house content creators with a wealth of experience developing content for retailers, retail suppliers and advertisers. We strive to create a tailor-fit solution by creating work that complements your brand identity and strategy. With our creative skills and digital signage experience we have the necessary tools to create the right look-and-feel across all narrowcasting channels at your retail locations. We will analyze and benchmark, what works well, what could work better and keep an eye on continuity with regards to other touch-points and what pays off. 


We have a lot of digital signage content experience including but not limited to: Bruna, Hema, Action and Primera. We are able to work directly for the client or alongside advertising and retail agencies. We love what we do and strive to continually improve the experiences we offer.


We see it as our obligation to critically evaluate and reflect upon your questions and needs, gladly engaging in discussions, because we believe that by doing this, your message will come across better. This is in your best interest and that of your consumer. Together we transform the future of retail. 

Up to Date 

Content on narrowcasting screens is quickly adaptable and therefore easy to update. Helping you to easily and regularly swap out: products on sale that week, special offers, new product ranges or up-to-date COVID-19 rules and regulations, as just a few examples.


Customers are ten times more likely to observe dynamic digital signage content than static messages. We keep you up-to-date with the latest content in a snap.

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We are not just doing our job, we want to help you do a better job. We are defining the future of retail.