Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) play an increasingly important role in providing information to staff and customers. ESL improves in-store experience for both customers and staff by saving time and helping make decisions. It is the ideal tool for dynamic pricing, waste reduction and increased customer engagement. The implementation of ESL gives you an easy and fast way to change your prices, lower your operating costs and much more. Windowsketch offers accurate and modern digital price tags in your stores.


ESL is a smart and innovative step towards shop automation and has a lot of benefits for you as a retailer. Benefits include: A fixed monthly amount, minimized operational costs, improved shopper's experience and linkability. It is also useful for dynamic pricing, stock management, reducing waste and fast error elimination.

Time Efficient

Prices in retail change very often, it requires a lot of time to manually adjust all these changes. With digital price tags these changes can be implemented with one click. A time saving solution, that provides an improvement in quality and responsiveness.

Eco Friendly

Paper and plastic product labels are expensive, create more waste and cause environmental pollution. Everytime you make a price change or need to replace a worn-out label, you need to print a new label and throw away the old one. Electronic Shelf Labels last longer, the prices are always up-to-date and nothing has to be thrown away.


The labels we use vary in size, with displays in different colors. The labels work in a large temperature range (from 10°C to 40°C). There are also special labels for frozen temperatures (from -25°C to 30°C). The full range of our labels are NFC-equipped and all have 100% graphic E Ink display.

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