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Together with Bruna, Windowsketch has the ambition to explore the opportunities of selling local advertising in the shop windows.

Bruna is a bookshop that has become an indispensable part of the Dutch street scene. The retail company was founded in 1868 and currently has 360 shops in the market of books, magazines and multimedia products and is one of the largest providers of paper and stationery, lottery tickets, gifts and school supplies.


Windowsketch and Bruna join forces to create an overall better shopping experience by inspiring, activating and getting in touch with the customers. Bruna's goal is an extra turnover in their stores. To achieve this, we installed Digital Signage and transformed 200 Bruna stores into dynamic advertising platforms. Spread across the Netherlands, Bruna makes full use of our window and in-store screens. The screens are dynamic, catch the attention of passers-by and allow Bruna to interact with their customers all year round. In the store, screens are placed at point of sales, points the customer can't ignore. The screens ensure increasing sales, more fun in the shop, more returning customers and a unique store experience.


The Windowsketch content studio creates weekly content for all the Bruna Digital Signages screens. With this content, we want to make the customers more aware of the promotions. Using the folder campaign material, we design personalized eye-catching content that is relevant for our client. We aim to create the best digital point of sales experience. All content runs and is managed by our own CMS platform Adsketch.

Selling advertising space

Bruna is the first who also uses their screens as an operator in collaboration with Windowsketch. They sell advertising space on the screens to external entrepreneurs for extra sales. This is especially interesting for companies that sell their products at Bruna and want to pay extra to advertise their products on the screen.

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