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Digitization and automation for an innovative solution to take Wundermart to an even higher level.

Wundermart is a 24/7 unmanned data-driven supermarket with a wide range of products. They focus on smart, data-driven retail solutions which create a great customer experience without a hassle. An unmanned shop is all about renewal and innovation. To make this realistic, digitization and automation are essential factors. The main reasons for Wundermart to decide to work with our solutions are:

- Better reach
- Improvement of in-store communication
- Converting passers-by into customers
- Building brand awareness
- Increasing sales opportunities


The Digital Signage solutions we offer vary per Wundermart store. We are always taking into account, the wishes of Wundermart, the floor plan and the type of customers. The most common used screens in-store are the 37" and build-in stretch display and the 43" portrait display. Moreover we also provide window screens. These screens are facing outside and are meant to attract the attention of passers-by. By integrating these screens into the Wundermart shops we are adding (digital) value to the customer experience.

Behind the digital signage solution we run our own Content Management System (CMS), Adsketch. Within this system you can easily update and plan your content. Besides that, the CMS gives Wundermart a clear overview of all the installed hardware. This is important for Wundermart especially since they are internationally oriented, with shops spread over four countries.

High Impact Video Wall

For the TNW Spaces Amsterdam West office building, we proposed a special narrowcasting solution. A video wall consisting of six screens placed behind the unmanned bar. This result is a collaboration between Wundermart, Peroni and Windowsketch. With this video wall showing the customized content we believe to attract more customers and guests to the shop and bar area. Data show us that this will have a direct and positive effect on the revenues.

Working on this collaboration where we assist Wundermart in the areas of our expertise, allows us both to focus on what our strengths are. We share and use our knowledge in the field of media, retail and software development to achieve optimal results for Wundermart.

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