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Retail innovation through pricing technology at HEMA

HEMA is one of the most unique Dutch brands in the shopping streets. It is known to all generations and their products can be found in every Dutch household. HEMA has been active in the retail world since 1926, with over 775 stores across 10 countries, attracting more than six million visitors each week.


Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) are now a common feature in the Dutch retail industry. However, seven years ago, when we began implementing ESL in the first HEMA stores, it was still a novel concept. Currently, we have nearly 70 stores equipped with ESL technology, and this number is rapidly growing. Due to the significant rise in labor costs in recent years, we are seeing increasing interest in this solution.

In addition to ESL, we offer Digital Signage screens and Content Creation services to a select group of HEMA franchisees. Through our content studio and proprietary Content Management System (CMS), Adsketch, we deliver a comprehensive solution for creating and managing content on their digital screens. Our aim is to showcase the integrated look and feel of HEMA products, services, and ongoing campaigns, thereby enhancing conversion rates and brand awareness by displaying targeted content at various Points of Sale within the stores.


ESL is an excellent solution for enhancing store automation, optimizing efficiency, reducing labor costs, and implementing dynamic pricing strategies that improve margins. With the current rise in labor costs, this innovative solution is gaining popularity.

Window screens displaying the latest offers attract passers-by into HEMA stores. Inside, strategically placed in-store screens at the checkout and in the food department use dynamic content to encourage impulsive purchases and highlight products. This approach enhances customer experience and boosts revenue. A great solution to increase revenue and improve customer experience.

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