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Data-driven retail marketing for a fast and far-reaching innovation at HEMA.

Whoever talks about shopping in the Netherlands is talking about HEMA. This unique Dutch brand is known to all generations and can be found in every Dutch household. HEMA has been active in the retail world since 1926, with nowadays more than 775 stores in twelve countries, with 19.000 employees serving over six million visitors every week.


Digital Signage screens are a good step to an innovative future for HEMA. For the past 2,5 years, we installed Digital Signage in 40 HEMA stores. For every store, we make a personalized plan when it comes to Digital Signage and Electronic Shelf Labels. So far, we installed Electronic Shelf Labels and around 165 Digital Signage screens in 40 HEMA stores. The Windowsketch content studio creates about 20 to 30 pieces of content for HEMA on a weekly basis and we use our own CMS Adsketch to manage it. When creating the Digital Signage content for HEMA, we want to show the customer the integrated look and feel of HEMA products, services and ongoing campaigns. We do this in consultation with HEMA. Our goal is to increase conversion and brand awareness by showing specific content on different Points of Sales in the stores.


Window screens that are showing the newest offers will attract passers-by into the HEMA store. Once inside, the in-store screens are located exactly at the point of sales: behind the counter and at the food department. Through the dynamic content, impulsive purchases are stimulated and attention is drawn to the store and products.

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