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Albert Heijn

In 2017, we crossed paths with Albert Heijn (AH) when they initiated a tender for a new digital signage solution across all their stores. Subsequently, in 2018, a partnership was established between Windowsketch and Albert Heijn to implement this solution in 500 stores with 3,500 screens. AH found Windowsketch's comprehensive offerings of products, software, services, and expertise to be the ideal fit for their needs.

At that time, this project represented the largest digital signage project in the retail landscape of The Netherlands.

Key priorities for AH included: 

  • Instore and outdoor communication
  • Increasing sales opportunities¬†
  • Retail media¬†
  • Digital interaction with the customers, storytelling


In 2018, the roll out of 3,500 screens began across Albert Heijn and AH To GO stores.

Digital Solutions

Windowsketch has revolutionized Albert Heijn's marketing strategies with a range of innovative digital solutions. A standout offering includes the deployment of narrowcasting screens strategically positioned within stores to capture customer attention and deliver dynamic, targeted content. With the introduction of Windowsketch's CMS system, Adsketch, Albert Heijn gained a powerful content management system that allowed them to seamlessly curate and update the displayed content on these screens. Furthermore, Windowsketch facilitated the integration of a new marketing channel, allowing Albert Heijn to interact with customers through interactive screens, enriching their shopping experience. By transitioning to paperless advertising, Windowsketch not only minimized environmental impact but also introduced a convenient and contemporary approach to sharing promotions and information. This partnership between Windowsketch and Albert Heijn showcases the transformative potential of digital solutions in the retail landscape, optimizing engagement, communication, and sustainability.

Content & impact narrowcasting

The fusion of content strategy and narrowcasting has revolutionized retail, as exemplified by its implementation at Albert Heijn. Tailored content strategy ensures precise messaging to specific demographics, bolstering brand loyalty. Narrowcasting takes this a step further, delivering personalized content through strategic digital displays within Albert Heijn stores. This dynamic duo drives foot traffic, prolongs dwell time, and boosts conversions, offering Albert Heijn a competitive edge in the era of personalized shopping experiences.

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