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OMISE Unmanned Shops are smart convenience shops situated on high-traffic locations.

OMISE develops and operates unmanned shop concepts for high-traffic locations such as resorts, hotels, and offices. Throughout the Netherlands, you can currently find more than 30 OMISE Shops, and that number is growing rapidly. Customers can visit an OMISE shop for all their necessary groceries, 24/7. All OMISE shops are equipped with the latest technical retail solutions; Digital Signage, Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), and self-checkouts.


The collaboration between Windowsketch and OMISE Smart Unmanned Shops announced a new era in retail by introducing an integrated concept that seamlessly combined unmanned shopping, targeted content delivery, and digital shop solutions. This innovative partnership aimed to revolutionize the retail landscape and improve both customer experience and operational efficiency.


Windowsketch is responsible for designing, creating, constructing, and maintaining the OMISE Shops. Subsequently, OMISE operates the shops. Engaging in the entire process, from sketching the 3D store outlines to implementing optimal digital solutions, Windowsketch remains actively involved from the initial stages through the operation and beyond.

Digital solutions

Beyond unmanned shopping, the partnership introduced digital solutions to improve customer engagement. Windowsketch implemented narrow-casting technology, and customized content delivery to customers' preferences and location within the store. This personalized approach delivers relevant promotions on screen and enriches the shopping journey. Furthermore, electronic shelf labels replaced traditional paper tags, enabling retailers to update pricing and product details remotely. This eliminated manual label changes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in pricing management.

Marketing & Content

Throughout the unmanned shops, you will find various digital signage displays featuring content specifically crafted by Windowsketch's content creators. These targeted screens lead customers through the store, enabling shops to engage with customers even in the absence of staff. Moreover, the digital signage screens display seasonal products, highlight special holidays, and promote items within the shop. All content that is presented both in the shop and online across OMISE’s channels is created by Windowsketch’s marketing team. 

This case study underscores the transformative power of technology-driven collaborations and clears the road for enhanced customer satisfaction and operational excellence in the retail industry.

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